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Workforce Observation Solution…

KelvinCARE℠ is an innovative response to help keep our clients in the game. When all of the sudden your business is required to conduct daily job site health screening and report on the findings, where do you turn? Alaska Maritime Physicians (AMP) is driving transformative health care with fresh solutions. Our patients appreciate the care and our clients love the collaboration.

KelvinCARE℠ provides a simple app that trained Pursers, Safety Officers, or Medical Personnel can use on any smart phone to survey crews. Each observation is recorded in real-time at the vessel or job site. Using advanced Mobile Business Intelligence, Kelvin keeps your Managers, HR, and Risk Teams informed and up-to-date. Through data visualization areas of concern and spotting trends is empowered.

Build confidence in your operation with proactive surveillance, while building a record of compliance.

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COVID-19 Surveillance Solution
Business Intelligence for your health care needs.