COVID-19 Observation and Traveler Declaration Solution…


Alaska Maritime Physicians (AMP) is driving transformative health care with fresh solutions.  KelvinCARE℠ is an innovative response to help keep our clients in the game.  Our patients appreciate the care and our clients love the collaboration.


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OBSERVATIONS – Using best practices from AMP physicians, CDC, and the State of Alaska we have crafted an observation protocol for individuals, communities and workforces.  As observations are collected in real-time, business intelligence alerts notify the On-Duty Physician to initiate triage and appropriate treatment protocols.  


A Designated Observer (DO) is appointed, normally a Safety or Medical Officer, Supervisor, or Purser as a trusted party.  The DO records the observations using any type of smart phone or tablet with a simple web app.  Each observation is recorded in real-time at the vessel or job site.   In remote areas with poor or spotty connectivity, our native iOS/Android app (with user login) will store all observations on the local device and when connectivity is restored the data will automatically sync with the server.


COMPLIANCE REPORTING – Using advanced Mobile Business Intelligence, KelvinCARE keeps your Managers, HR, and Risk Teams informed and up-to-date.  Through data visualization, we are able to identify trends, ‘hot spots’, or areas of concern as early as possible.  In addition, KelvinCARE produces compliance reports for the individual, vessel/job site or company.  Crew members can SMS message their personalized observation reports to their phones showing their history of isolation.  This is essential in facilitating travel.


Build confidence in your operation with proactive surveillance, while documenting a record of compliance.


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COVID-19 Surveillance Solution
Business Intelligence for your health care needs.