Medical Support from Call to Cure

Peace of Mind When You Need It Most

Providing continuity of care through triage and medical guidance

from first call to maximum cure

Alaska Maritime Physicians (AMP) is your premier provider of urgent medical assistance. We triage and manage incidents from the moment they happen. Our physicians communicate with your vessels and facilities, give orders for treatment and transportation, and manage recovery through a clinically integrated network.

Medical Support Services

Emergency Hotline

When someone on your team is injured our Physicians are available 24/7/365.

Remote Consultations

Alaska On-Call physicians triage your emergency through our telemedicine service.

Advanced Medical Support

AMP Doctors prepare a care plan based upon the severity of the incident.

Integrated Clinical Network

The value of AMP is our Integrated Network of Clinics for expeditious service and continuity of care.

Patient Care

Our team facilitates transportation, lodging, clothing, meals, doctor's appointments, medication to ensure patient wellbeing.

Recovery Plan

Our continuity of care extends to facilitating the recover plan for maximum cure.

AMP has set a new standard for responding to and providing medical care to injured or ill crew members, from ship board triage and treatment to transport and shore side follow up. The 24/7/365 ship to shore access to AMP physicians provides vessel owners and ship Captains the confidence that their injured or ill crew are receiving the required medical treatment. AMP is indispensable to our clients.”